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Portage Presbyterian Church Worship Schedule

We are "transitioning" back into the sanctuary for worship as we move into November. Please note: that we will be following the guidelines and protocols established by the Session earlier. A copy of these "guidelines" have been included in this mailing. If you have any questions about these guidelines or protocols, please contact the Church Office.

For those who may not be ready or comfortable to come "into the sanctuary" at this time, we do offer these options that might work for you:

    • We will continue to "broadcast live" worship in the parking lot on your FM radio in the parking lot - we are "live" on 90.5 FM. You may continue to "drive in" and share in the "fellowship" with those around you.
    • We have also discovered that our "FM broadcast" reaches out at least 3-4 blocks around the church. If you live in that area, try catching the worship services at home on your FM radio @ 90.5.
    • We also continue to offer "live videos" of the Sunday morning worship services on PPC's Facebook page.  They are also available on PPC's "YouTube" Page. If you cannot be with us on Sunday morning, the "videos" are on Facebook and YouTube for you to watch at your convenience.
    • We continue to mail our weekly worship bulletins to those who we are aware do not have "an internet" connection. If you would like to receive these mailings, please contact the Church Office.
    • We also can make DVD's of worship services available for those who may be interested. If you would like a DVD and need to "borrow" a DVD player, we have them for your use. Just contact the Church Office and arrangements will be made to get them to you!


Sunday - November 22 - "Traditional" Worship

    • 10:05 a.m. - Worship "in the sanctuary" - "Live" Video Worship Service - also available at FM 90.5 in parking lot
    • Rev. Dr. Carol Hermann will be leading worship this morning!

Sunday, November 29 - "First Sunday of Advent" Worship

    • 10:05 a.m. - Worship "in the sanctuary" - "Live" Video Worship Service - also available at FM 90.5 in parking lot
    • We will be celebrating the "Lord's Supper" as a part of this worship service. Please remember to prepare your own "bread" and "cup" for this service.

    Sunday Advent Worship Services - Sunday mornings @ 10:05 a.m.
    Each Sunday we will be exploring the "meanings" of the Advent Candles and some of the "decorations" we have here in the Sanctuary.
    We are planning (at this time) to have worship "in the sanctuary" (following the Guidelines of the Session) - and will continue to offer "Facebook Live" videos and "FM 90.5 in the Parking Lot "

    Christmas Eve “Drive In” Candlelight Service - December 24 @ 5:30 p.m.

    This will be the "first" of "three" worship opportunities we are offering this year for Christmas Eve.
    You can "drive in" for this service in the parking lot behind the church. Turn your radio to "90.5 FM" and share in this unique and wonderful experience for worship the birth of Jesus.
    When you arrive, you will be given a "candle" to use during the service when we sing "Silent Night"

    Christmas Eve Service - "Online Only" on Facebook - December 24 @ 6:30 p.m.
    This will be the "second" worship opportunity being offered.
    You will be able to go to PPC's "Facebook Page" and share in a "traditional" worship experience of Scripture and Song as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.
    Be sure to have your "candle" ready when we "share the light" and sing "Silent Night"

    Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship - "in Sanctuary" - December 24 @ 7:00 p.m.
              Our "third" opportunity will be for those who would like to "gather" in the Sanctuary. We will be following the "Guidelines" (established by the Session) for being in the sanctuary (safe distancing and masks required) - please contact the Church Office if you plan to attend this service.
            This will be about a 30 minute worship service that celebrates the birth of the Christ Child and the hope that God provides to us in all times and places.
                 We will conclude this service "outdoors" as we share the "light of Christ" and "sing" Silent Night.

Our Office

You are always welcome at The Portage Presbyterian Church!

The Staff:
Pastor: David Hankins

Financial Secretary:
Tammy Kohnke
(Tammy is normally in the Church Office on Mondays)
Church Secretary:
Kathy Hankins
(Kathy is in the Church Office Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)

The Portage Presbyterian Church
120 West Pleasant Street
P.O. Box 222
Portage, WI, 53901
Phone: (608) 742-6006

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