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Pastor's Article
             Have you ever heard of "TBT?"
            "TBT" is shorthand for "Throw Back Thursdays." These "TBT's" tend to pop up in newspapers, on radio and on Facebook among other places.
            Just the other day there was a "TBT" that made reference to the Milwaukee "Braves" winning the 1957 world championship. And then there was the "TBT" that mentioned the first landing on the moon. Or the "TBT" that noted that a particular song by the Beatles first hit the charts on "this date."
            One that really caught my attention was the "TBT" that talked about Grandma's apron and kitchen. As I looked at the picture and read the paragraph, I found myself thinking back to my own grandmothers' kitchens - the sounds, the smells, the sights flooded my mind as if I were "back there again."
            Why have these "TBTs" become more popular? They enable us to experience again the joy of another time in one's life - it comes alive again, if only for a little while.
            And they help us to "remember" that our lives in the present are built upon the foundation of times, experiences and people with whom we have shared our journeys of life and faith.
            As we enter into November, I would like to suggest that "TBT" might have another translation - "Throw Back Thanksgivings."
             These would be our opportunities to "go back" and "give thanks" to those people and for those people who helped us, provided for us, guided us, inspired us, watched over us or made a difference for us.
            In thinking through our litany of people we may discover that it is not always the length of time shared that is important. Rather, it seems what is more significant is "when" the experience was shared, "how" it was shared and "where" it was shared.
            So, think ... "for whom" do we give thanks? "To whom" would you offer thanks?
            And also consider - "what" did they do that made an impact for us? ... "how" did they touch our lives? ... "when" and "where" did this happen?
            This "giving of thanks" is not a mere exercise in etiquette. No, this is a way of grounding us in the reality that no one - not one of us - is self-made. It is a realization that it is with the efforts, the time, the interest and the love of others that we are able to be and to achieve that which God would have us find and be.
            So, during this "TBT" (Throw Back Thanksgiving) make the time to stop and think about those who have been important in your life and faith journey (and those who "continue to be" important).
            "Give thanks" for the blessing they have been to you and for you. If you can be sure to let them know. Be sure to "remember" the gift of lives shared.
            And then, think of one more point. Consider, for whom are you "a blessing?" To whom and for whom have you (are you) making a difference?
            You just might be surprised how and when God is working in you, through you and with you!
            Have a wonderful and blessed "TBT!"

Just when I thought I had it all figured out ... the PPC Women's Association "surprised" me once again on Sunday, October 13. 
I am very grateful for the cards, the cake, the special gift and the kind words which have been shared.
But I am also very grateful for the ministry and mission which I have been blessed to share with this church community for nearly 24 years.
God continues to be at work in our lives and in our life together as the Portage Presbyterian Church. And for that I am thankful and blessed. PPC is a wonderful place to be and to serve.
Thank you again for the day and for the ministry we continue to share together!

                                    Pastor Dave

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