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Sometimes, especially during this winter season, it is easy to get snowed under by the dark, dreary days. Then God provides a sign in a place and time that we might not always expect. Sunday, February 24 was, for me, just such an example.
            My first inclination, on whether to cancel worship services and stay home where it was warm or venture out into the cold, icy environment, was to choose the former. And perhaps that might have been the preferable and more sensible choice.
            Yet, there was something that kept pushing to "just keep going." So we did.
            Much to my amazement folks started showing up. Literally from near and from countryside people made the journey to come for worship.
            We decided to do a "free-form" worship experience. Translated - we used no bulletins, invited more congregational participation, asked for hymn suggestions, shared most of our time in prayers of celebration and those of intercession and basically went as the Spirit led us. If the wind gusting outside was any indication, the Spirit was on the move here at PPC.
            We often refer to the Portage Presbyterian Church being "a place for everybody." On this Sunday it truly was.
            Over and over again people mentioned how they "just needed to be here." There were a variety of reasons why we were here - yet a common need to be in worship - and to be together as community. And we were "here!" 
            The sense of fellowship and community which is often associated with PPC was so evident during the time of worship as we sang and prayed together ... and during the conversations, laughter and hugs that occurred afterwards.
            Undoubtedly there are times when we wonder if we make a difference, if what the church offers is really that important or if there is a reason for PPC to exist.
            Well, on what might well be the worst day of this winter it seems that God provided an answer!
            We, the Church, were just where we needed to be, when we needed to be.  

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