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Pastor's Article
            In this season of Eastertide, I share with you these verses written anonymously, titled "The Promise of the Empty Tomb" (written as a promise made by God to God's people).
            As you read through these verses, ask yourselves "what would I add?" I have included mine at the end.

            The promise of the empty tomb
Rips the rug from under your feet
And says hold on tight
We're going for a ride
Into the deep unknown.

            The promise of the empty tomb
Says the story doesn't end the way
You think it will.
Yes, your future is set in stone
But I carved it and it's beautiful.      

            The promise of the empty tomb
Says you are worth so much more
Than you think you are
You are to die for
And I did!

            The promise of the empty tomb
Drives nails through darkness
And says trust me
I have a plan
And it is good.

            The promise of the empty tomb
Rolls back the stone
Dances on death
And says why are you crying?

            Here's what I would add ...

            The promise of the empty tomb
Intrudes onto our beaches
And into our locked rooms
When we are least expecting it,
When we feel we least deserve it
And proclaims to us
Hey, get ready - this is only the beginning ...

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