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"What is God's vision - What is God's dream for PPC?
At first glance this might be a rather innocuous question. Dreams and visions can energize us. They can move us to not only consider "what is?" or "what has been?" - but, can encourage us to look ahead at "what might / could be?" It is an inquiry that points to a future.
But then, as we take a closer look at the question, we might notice a surprising element - this does not ask what "I think" the vision is or what "we" dream for the church.
No, the question is - what is God's vision, God's dream for PPC?
And that can be, at least for me and perhaps for us, "complicated!"
The "uncomplicated" part identifies this reality which we affirm that God is in the midst of God's church. God is at work in and through God's church - and that is a good thing! God is not finished with us yet. We still have a purpose beyond just surviving.
However this also becomes more "complicated" because this also means we have to be willing to turn over control to someone other than ourselves. It can humble us with the reality that we may not have all the answers. It means we have to trust in another's  judgment, defer to their decisions and being willing to be a "follower."
This was the reality in which the disciples, who became the apostles were led (or maybe pushed?). They did not have the qualifications to be leaders, teachers or preachers. And they certainly did not have all of the answers. Yet, it is through those who are not "qualified" that God's Spirit moves out into the known and unknown, transforming those who were called into the greatest missionary force the world has ever experienced. And, through them, transforming the world!
This summer we will be very intentional about sharing our thoughts, prayers and ideas about "God's vision - God's dreams for PPC."
There is a "board" set up in Parry Hall for us to make notes about what we are discovering as we "dare" to ask this question. You are encouraged to share what you are discovering as you ask the question "what is God's vision - what are God's dreams for PPC."
Take time this summer to stop and read what is there. Take time this summer to pray for God's direction, guidance and inspiration. Take time this summer to pray for and with each other as we listen and discern and learn.
If you cannot be here and would like to know about the cards that are there, contact the church office or Pastor Dave - we can share with you what has been added to the "board."
If you would like to add something to the "board" but will not be here for a time, contact the church office and we will add your "note."
Remember - there are no "wrong answers" to this question. Each note, each conversation, each prayer will be those ideas and clues which God will provide for us to follow.
I don't know about you, but "daring" to ask such a question is exciting and scary at the same time. "Exciting" because I really believe God has a mission, a purpose for this church community and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do. "Scary" - because God's ideas about the work and mission of God's church and mine may not be exactly the same. That is where "trust" and "faith" enter, reassuring me that if God is at work, it is what needs to be.
As someone has said "be careful what you ask for - for you just may get it!"
I would rather put it this way - "be careful when you dare to ask God what God wants you to do - for when God is present and at work amazing AND surprising things will happen."
May God lead, inspire and surprise us this summer as we pray, listen, discern and learn about God's vision - God's dream for PPC.


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