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God Makes a Home |  God Makes a Promise | God Blesses Ishmael and Isaac | God Gives Joseph Dreams | God Saves the People | God Provides Food and Water | God Proclaims Jubilee | God Chooses Deborah as a Leader | God Sends Elijah to Help | God Speaks in Stillness | God Calls Jeremiah | God Calls for Justice | God Hears Daniels Prayers

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Church Mission

“River Haven” would like to thank all who have been a part of its successful opening in January. Our continuing progress in teaching independent skills relies on all of the volunteers who have been willing to share their time and talents, hearts and hands.

The River Haven Steering Committee is asking PPC and/or a group here at PPC to accept the challenge of dedicating one day per month as our volunteering scheduling opportunity.

An example would be to “pick a date” – for instance, the 16th day of each month – and be responsible for signing up volunteers for the five time slots that need to be covered that day. This would allow each volunteer to work only one time each month, sharing the gift of caring throughout all of Columbia County.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities of a volunteer may include:

  • offering a positive and encouraging presence, understanding that bringing a book to read during quiet times means that the shelter is successful.
  • assisting with cleaning, food preparation and homework, as requested.
  • preparing bedrooms for new residents
  • being available to answer questions, interacting with residents and even playing with children


Our Office

You are always welcome at The Portage Presbyterian Church!

The Staff:
Pastor: David Hankins

Financial Secretary:
Kathleen Mittelstaedt
(Kathy is normally in the Church Office on Mondays)
Church Secretary:
Kathy Hankins
(Kathy is in the Church Office Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)

The Portage Presbyterian Church
120 West Pleasant Street
P.O. Box 222
Portage, WI, 53901
Phone: (608) 742-6006

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