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Portage Presbyterian Church "Legacy" Fund

What is a “legacy?” The dictionary defines a “legacy” as that which is handed down to another from an earlier time or generation.

Is not just “preserving the past” … but, “building and enabling the future” … 

The Legacy Fund was created to provide an endowment-like fund for members, friends and interested people to provide gifts, bequests and a variety of financial trusts to supplement the financial needs required for the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the Presbyterian Church buildings in Portage, Wisconsin.

Honor the Past
Continue the Legacy
Shape the Future

As the name suggests, this Fund allows members to pass on the legacy of the church facility for future generations to gather in, to use and to enjoy. Gifts given to the Legacy Fund are invested and the interest from the gifts will be used to maintain the facilities of the church. A gift may be made at any time, frequently in honor or memory of an individual or as part of an estate plan.
The Legacy Fund will strengthen our church so that we may be able to concentrate on providing important ministries and support to God’s people both in the church community and in the community of Portage and the world in which we live - even in difficult and challenging economic times. Each gift makes a lasting contribution which will enable the Portage Presbyterian Church to be not just the building, but most important the people through whom God makes a difference.
It is a means for you to express special thanks to God for the many blessings and gifts you have received and it allows you to return a portion of assets accumulated during your life’s work.

Giving that makes a difference – not only right now, but will make a difference for generations to come
Imagine – being able to know, for certain, that the Presbyterian Church on the corner of West Pleasant and Clark streets in Portage, WI will be able to not only stand as a “light to the community.” But, even more – will be able to concentrate its financial stewardship efforts for the work and ministry to which God has and will call it – because the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the church is financially subsidized!
Having a beautiful, historical church building is wonderful! It speaks of stability and hope in the midst of a world that often is shifting and more insecure.
But, having a beautiful, historic church building is also challenging. You can imagine the ongoing needs to upkeep, repair and maintain such a facility. It is not easy!
Passing on, to the next generations, an opportunity to experience God’s presence in this special space and sanctuary. … an opportunity for you to leave a “legacy” to the generations of Christians who will gather in this beautiful, historic church building. … planning and enabling the long-term future of not only the church building … but also the long-term future of the church community in this building and the work and ministry that is offered through this church community

Contact – present members … current members’ families … people in Portage community … families of those who have passed (who found that PPC was impt) … those with whom have ministered (ie – Richey connections) … former pastors and former pastor’s families … former members who have moved away


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Church Office (608-742-6006).

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Our Office

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The Staff:
Pastor: David Hankins

Financial Secretary:
Mary Gunderson
(Mary is normally in the church office on Monday mornings from 10:00-noon)
Church Secretary:
Kathy Hankins
(Kathy is in the Church Office Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)

The Portage Presbyterian Church
120 West Pleasant Street
P.O. Box 222
Portage, WI, 53901
Phone: (608) 742-6006

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